Our services

CertificationCertification of the production of organic agricultural products for compliance with ST RK 3109-2017, ST RK 3111-2017
Cargo inspection during loading and unloading, cargo weighing, sampling for laboratory tests, cargo sealing.
and analysis
Sampling of soil, green mass, food products and sending them to European laboratories for testing for pesticide residues and other indicators.
on international standards
We will provide a full consultation on the production of organic products in accordance with the standards of the European Union (Regulation (EU) 848/2018, Regulation (EU) No. 834/2007, Commission Regulation (EU) 889/2008).
on standards
In an understandable language, we will tell about the requirements of Kazakhstani standards (ST RK 3109-2017 and ST RK 3111-2017) and laws in the field of the organic production process.